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Erosion Blankets
Erosion control blankets restrict soil and wind erosion while accelerating germination, protecting seedlings and promoting vegetation. Once applied, erosion control blankets prevent seed and soil disturbance from light to heavy runoff velocities. High water absorption throughout the blanket provides a long-lasting source of moisture for vegetation development.


Not all erosion is the same. Soil type, length of slope, moisture availability, fertility and degree of slope are only a few of the variables to consider when planning erosion prevention and remediation measures. Erosion control blankets are used for:

- Slope Reinforcement
- Ground Cover
- Channel Liner
- Diversion Ditches

- Culvert Outfalls



Single-Sided Straw
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Double-Sided Straw
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Single-Sided Excelsior
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Double-Sided Excelsior
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Jute Matt
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PSRM (Permanent Soil Reinforcement Matt)
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Green Armor  

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