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Gabions are compartmentalized containers made of galvanized steel hexagonal wire mesh, and filled with stone. Compartments, or cells, of equal capacity are formed by factory-inserted wire netting diaphragms or partitions. Filled with stone, they become a large, flexible and permeable building block from which a broad range of structures may be built.


Gabion baskets from EFS feature:

  • Compartmentalized structure retains shape during filling
  • Filling remains evenly distributed, even after extensive settlement
  • Flexible gabions and mattresses ensure reliability
  • Each unit yields to earth movement to retain full efficiency while maintaining structural integrity
  • Baskets delivered in convenient, collapsed form
  • Easy assembly requires no technical skill to construct
Gabion basket applications include:
  • Waterways and Channels
  • River Crossing
  • Landscaping Retaining Structures
  • Marinas and Seashore Protections
  • Bridges and Culvert Protections
  • Lakes
  • Rockfall Protection

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