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Silt Fence
EFS silt fence is produced in our warehouse each day. We offer a number of options, including:


  • Fabric height
  • Post spacing
  • DOT-specified components

For Erosion and Sedimentation
Silt fence structures, composed of specially developed fabrics on supporting posts, are designed for efficient control of sediment run-off from a number of construction site conditions. This sediment, left unchecked, can clog and pollute native waterways and damage natural areas in commercial and private developments.

EFS silt fence features:


  • A variety of fabric types to meet commercial and Georgia DOT specifications
  • Roll heights of 36" and 24" available with or without wooden stakes attached
  • Posts also available in a wide variety of heights, thickness and spacing
  • Silt fence with wooden stakes is available pre-assembled and ready for immediate installation
  • Wire-reinforced silt fence comes in user friendly kits, ready for immediate assembly in heavy duty applications




EFS Silt Fence Photo 1
EFS Silt Fence Photo 2
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